Tahquitz Creek

Golf Resort

1885 Golf Club Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92264

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Passing on our Passion


The Tahquitz Creek Golf Academy was created to offer PGA award winning instruction at an affordable rate.  Our instructors have spent many years mastering the art of teaching and want to share it with you!

Whether you are brand new to the game or a seasoned veteran we have  programs that will help you lower your scores!  

Our Teaching Philosophy

01.  Fundamentals

We believe that the golf swing starts with our grip, posture and alignment.  The fundamentals can never be stressed enough.  Most times our swing is a result of our fundamentals.  Work on these and you will be on your way to lower scores.


02. Drills

It is very hard to play good golf while thinking about your swing.  When we diagnose a swing fault, we try to give you a drill to correct this issue.  This way you can just swing and not have your head clouded with swing thoughts. 


03.  Play Golf, not "Golf Swing"

What's the difference?  When we play golf, we see a shot, set up correctly and then go hit it.  When we play "golf swing" our head is full of swing thoughts and we are worrying to much what our club is doing during the swing.  When a quarterback drops back for a pass he isn't worrying about what angle his arm is to release the ball.  He see's the pass and throws it.  We need to play golf this way.  See your shot and hit it.


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